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I don't get it...

2008-06-27 18:48:19 by Tjab

Some people put so much effort in games/movies and only recieve a score of 2/5, sometimes 3/5. And then there are people who 'steal' a shitload of nude-pictures of some website, stuff them into a Flash file, upload it and recieve 3/5 or even 4/5?

Why do people vote so high on something that's done with so little effort? Why do people reward these 'movies'. Why does NewGrounds even allow this?

I just don't get it.

One down, one on the way...

2008-06-12 07:36:37 by Tjab

So, I've got my first game ready, the second one is on its way. I'm real glad I used NewGrounds as my "home", because it's just awesome. The second game I'll release shortly will feature some music composed by an other NewGrounds artist, which is great for both of us: he'll have some credits for a great song/maybe some hits, I'll have a great song playing in the background of my game.

This is just a 'promo'-post for NewGrounds, but hell, they deserve it!

Hi there!

2008-06-11 05:14:52 by Tjab

I'm new here! Hope you'll enjoy my stay as much as I do yours.