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Entry #3

I don't get it...

2008-06-27 18:48:19 by Tjab

Some people put so much effort in games/movies and only recieve a score of 2/5, sometimes 3/5. And then there are people who 'steal' a shitload of nude-pictures of some website, stuff them into a Flash file, upload it and recieve 3/5 or even 4/5?

Why do people vote so high on something that's done with so little effort? Why do people reward these 'movies'. Why does NewGrounds even allow this?

I just don't get it.


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2008-06-27 20:56:22

The masses of two-bit users here take whatever is fed to them. Originality is covered up by sex/pointless violence/references to current events and movies.


2008-06-29 10:39:37

I see what you mean but it's hard for everybody that votes to know if it's stolen or not i think it's okay to make a strip game if you draw everything yourself, but as you said many people just copy paste that's not the way it should be on newgrounds.


2008-09-06 15:17:39

Me neither.